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What's Happening at the Shop in Corpus Christi, TX

About Us

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A collector since 1965, I was the kid who used cards in the bicycle spokes, played the game "FLIP" where you and your buddies throw your cards toward a building wall the goal was to be the closest without touching the wall. The winner won all cards. What a fun game that tore up the corners on some great cards, but we were kids...

A time when a $1.00 could buy me an ice cold bottle, thats right I said bottle, of Coke, a candy bar and a couple packs of trading cards. Those were the days. While stationed in Germany I learned that the Germans had Sportscard Shows? Wow who knew? Well I decided to take part of my collection and see how I could do. I was bitten, I needed to become a sportscard dealer!

Our Story

We opened our shop in 2010 as Timeless Treasures & Collectibles. Our first attempt was in a thrift mall with just a small wall section for our product. It was a complete disaster! But I learned alot from the experience. In 2011 we opened again in an antique mall, with a larger space and we invested in display cases and new stock, but still we were having trouble making rent? We stuck with it and in 2012, we purchased a large banner that we placed in front of the  building. That was the key to our turn-a-round! We continued to grow, larger space, more diversified lines of products. It was now that we began providing insurance and personal appraisals for militaria and trading card collectibles.


Meet The Team

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